Outdoor Rocking Chairs – A Classic Choice in Patio Decor

By Jennifer Akre

Outdoor Rocking ChairWant to recapture a bit of the old country past? Get yourself a rocking chair, get on your porch and start rocking. They are an extremely relaxing way to while away the day and think back to how things used to be.

So what does one look for in an outdoor rocking chair? Well, they are a little more limited in materials than their indoor cousins, but that doesn’t make them any less attractive. As a matter of fact, teak, cherry, and cedar woods are the most commonly used materials in outdoor rocking chairs, and are all beautiful woods.

You will have to consider the style of outdoor rocking chair you want to have at your home. While you may think a rocking chair is a rocking chair, you couldn’t be more wrong. Some have a more southern style, often made of white wicker and flowery cushions. A more rustic one hair may be made out of tree branches and logs that still have some of the bark on them for effect. Even if you decide on a simple, and typical looking one, you still have to decide if it will be natural, painted, stained or what else will be done to the surface. And we didn’t even begin to look into which way the back slats were going, up and down, or side to side.

Comfort is extremely important in outdoor rocking chairs. Without it being comfortable you will not want to spend hour after hour rocking away on your porch. So, before laying out a lot of money on some, make sure they are going to offer the ride you are hoping for. If they are not cushioned, the seat and back should be contoured to offer a more comfortable fit for your body. If you are getting cushions on your outdoor rocking chairs, make sure they fit right. An ill fitting cushion that is sitting on top of the seat and back of outdoor rocking chairs could slide around under you and end up making you more uncomfortable than if you didn’t have them.

The other portion of this part of the equation is how the chair rocks. It needs to smoothly rock back and forth withouWeather Proof Rocking Chairt any skips or weird spots where it may not have been properly formed. Can you lean all the way back without the chair feeling like it’s going to topple over? You should be able to. You should always feel secure in outdoor rocking chairs that you are going to stay rocking, not topple over.

When you are ready to invest in outdoor rocking chairs, you should know they are not cheap, at least the good ones. Good rocking chairs will put you back a pretty penny, but you have to realizethat you are paying for quality. Hand created outdoor rocking chairs, that have attention to detail are the ones that have higher price tags, but also a longer lasting and more comfortable experience

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